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For inquiries on technical matters, collaborative opportunities, or open positions, please contact us.

Postdoctoral candidates should send an email inquiry to PI with CV and have three references send letters of recommendation. In your application, please address the following: What are your scientific goals and interests? How might your graduate research background be leveraged with the strengths of our labs?

Graduate students interested in rotating  should send an email inquiry to PI. Prospective students interested in graduate studies in our labs should apply to Harvard Programs such as those affiliated with the HILS, Harvard-MIT HST, Physics, or SEAS. 

We currently have a specific project opening for a [Postdoctoral fellow]. However, more general inquiries are welcome. 

We currently also have openings for Research Technician positions. [link 1] [link 2]

Dana Farber
Harvard Medical School
Wyss Institute
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